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At Hutchings Law Group, our attorneys understand the nuances of running a small business in Las Vegas, which has resulted in a history of success for our firm and our clients. 

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Advancing the Interests of Business Owners and Professionals

We provide business owners and professionals with important legal services that allow them to protect and advance their interests. Our clients request our services during times of increased stress that arise because of the purchase or sale of a business, an agency or regulatory action, the prosecution or defense of a civil lawsuit, or internal disputes with partners or employees.

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To assist our clients, we provide services such as contract drafting, business consulting, regulatory guidance, and litigation and trial work. We take the time to place an individual focus on each client to craft optimal solutions to their problems.

Business Law in Las Vegas

We Know The Process

We understand what it takes to run a small business. When advising our small business clients our attorneys take into account the economic realities as well as the legal factors that affect you. We excel at creating hand-crafted solutions for your business’ legal needs. 

Corporate Formation & Governance

Basic to the efficient operation of any business enterprise is proper formation and governance. Companies use governing documents such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and bylaws to…

Outside General Counsel Services

Owners of successful and growing businesses are often faced with complex legal challenges. These arise when a business experiences conflict with customers, partners, employees, landlords…


For professionals and business owners, contracts are a basic feature of doing business. Contracts memorialize and make enforceable the terms of an agreement between two or more parties and they…

Contract Disputes

An agreement is the meeting of the minds between two persons regarding a bargained for exchange. Contract disputes often occur when parties to an agreement disagree about terms, or if one party fails to perform according to the terms of the agreement…

Insurance Disputes

Dealing with insurance companies can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Insurance policies are shot through with special definitions, esoteric terms, and complicated exceptions. We all know we…

Property Disputes

A property dispute is a legal dispute that involves real estate. While it may sound relatively simple, the term “property dispute” covers a wide range of possible disputes over a wide range of property…

Partnership Disputes

People rarely enter into a business partnership with the expectation of ongoing conflict. Unfortunately, many business owners come to disagree with their partner(s) on fundamental issues governing the…

Administrative Law

Executive branch administrative agencies are created by legislative enabling statutes and their decisions are typically subject to judicial review. However, government agencies develop their own set of…

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is different from most other professions and industries. In addition to standard employment and business regulations, healthcare professionals are also governed by many unique laws that…

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