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At Hutchings Law Group, we advance the interests of business owners and professionals

We provide business owners and professionals with important legal services that allow them to protect and advance their interests. Our clients request our services during times of increased stress that arise because of the purchase or sale of a business, an agency or regulatory action, the prosecution or defense of a civil lawsuit, or internal disputes with partners or employees. To assist our clients, we provide services such as contract drafting, business consulting, regulatory guidance, and litigation and trial work. We take the time to place an individual focus on each client to craft optimal solutions to their problems.

Why we believe it is important to advocate for business owners and professionals

We appreciate the contributions that business owners and professionals make to the social, ethical, and economic life of our community. We think that the business and professional classes are entitled to significant legal protections. This is because business owners and legal professionals typically work harder, invest more, and contribute more significantly to their communities than other groups. It makes sense to incentivize those that contribute, to make greater contributions, by providing them with greater legal protections and advantages.

According to the World Trade Organization, in developed economies small and mid-sized businesses provide 60-70% of all employment and generate 55% of all gross domestic product. In the U.S., small businesses account for 44% of economic activity and create 2/3 of the new jobs available to employees. Small and mid-sized businesses are the primary drivers of U.S. innovation and competitiveness. For example, small businesses produce 16 times more new patents per employee than large firms. For every dollar spent at a small or mid-sized local business, 68 cents funnels back into the community. And in the United States, small and mid-sized businesses genuinely reflect the principal of strength through diversity. A very high percentage of small businesses are owned by women, veterans, and people of color; anyone can open their own business regardless of religion, gender, skin-color, or sexual orientation.

Yet, it is the business and professional class that is most overlooked, under-appreciated, and under-protected. The largest corporations have the resources and leverage to ensure the protection of federal, state, and local laws. The largest corporations have access to large multi-national law firms that advance their interests. Those in lower income brackets enjoy the benefits of organized political influence and public opinion from which they receive tax breaks, health insurance, and public benefits. They also receive the benefit of retail attorneys, legal aid networks, public defenders, and pro bono services. Both groups receive federal bail-out money in times of wide-spread financial distress. Local business owners and professionals do not get the tax breaks that large corporations and lower income persons receive, they do not receive local and state incentives for capital investments, and they do not typically receive federal bail-out money in times of financial distress. Local business owners and working professionals pay more for insurance – a significant cost of doing business – and receive less coverage. Yet it is independent professionals and local business owners, that show up early, stay late, risk their retirements, and receive their pay only after everyone else is paid.

That is why we represent business owners and professionals.

Local business owners and licensed professionals are the heroes of our community. They epitomize those principals of free-enterprise, self-sufficiency, creativity, and character that cause our communities to thrive. They take responsibility, find solutions, create jobs, innovate new technologies, generate wealth, provide essential services, and work tirelessly without significant fanfare or praise.

Why business owners and licensed professionals need legal services

Studies show that one important key to business success is technical, administrative, and professional expertise. A business owner cannot be expected to be an expert in legal compliance, employment law, contract law, or litigation and trial work. Businesses can and often do perform some of these services themselves. But a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. It usually only takes one significant legal mistake for a business owner to learn that it is far less expensive to hire an attorney up front to draft contracts, negotiate asset purchases, settle vendor disputes, or handle difficult employment situations, than to hire an attorney after-the-fact to clean up a situation gone wrong. Most businesses hire human resources experts, accountants, bookkeepers, and other technical experts to deliver products and services to the public. In fact, the continued success of any business depends directly on such expertise. Likewise, it makes financial and business sense to employ an attorney to manage risk for the protection of your enterprise. One missed step and all you’ve worked to achieve can be jeopardized. A good lawyer ensures the continued viability and success of your business.

Why you should hire us

Large corporate firms typically generate sufficient revenue to employ in-house general counsel. In-house general counsel provides legal services to their employer that include corporate governance, contract drafting and negotiations, regulatory compliance, and litigation management. What about the small or mid-sized firm?

That is where we fit in.

Hutchings Law Group provides outside general counsel services for small and mid-sized firms. Our clients enjoy the protection of having a general counsel to guide their legal affairs without incurring the expense of a mid-six figure salary. Our clients use our services as much or as little as they require; reaching out for amendments to governing documents, to make asset purchases, or to respond to an inquiry from a government agency. We get to know your business and the nuances of your operations, inside and out, so that we can craft optimal legal solutions for your business enterprise. We take pride in adjusting ourselves so that we can fit seamlessly in your operation, as a part of your team. At Hutchings Law Group, we build long-term relationships with our clients because the more we know you and your business, the better we can advocate on behalf of your company. Hutchings Law Group provides a boutique law-firm experience that combines small firm attention with big firm results.

At Hutchings Law Group, we have an intimate knowledge of business owners’ experiences because we are business owners ourselves. We know what it takes to successfully run a small business. And we prefer to work with business owners and professionals because this is who we are. We consider it an honor to support, assist, and advocate on behalf of business owners and professionals because we know it is our collective discipline, ingenuity, vision, and energy that upholds and transforms the world.

How we advocate

Hutchings Law Group advances client interests by operating on a core set of principles:

  • Competence: We competently represents client interests through diligent legal research, exhaustive factual investigation, and zealous application of legal process.
  • Transparency: We articulates clear expectations for clients that they can rely on.
  • Efficiency: We efficiently provide competent legal services by identifying the most direct way to achieve client goals.
  • Creativity: We are flexible and innovative when crafting strategies that best address the needs of individual clients.
  • Empathy: We understand our clients and their concerns so that we can best advocate our client’s interests.
  • Responsiveness: We are always available to address client needs and concerns via in-person meeting, telephone, or email.
  • Balance: We provide a balanced perspective for our clients so that they can identify and avoid unnecessary or wasteful disputes and prevail in those that are reasonable and necessary.

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