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Owners of successful and growing businesses are often faced with complex legal challenges. These arise when a business experiences conflict with customers, partners, employees, landlords, governments, vendors, agents, and others. If you own a small or mid-sized business, it is very likely that you need legal advice concerning such matters from time to time.

At Hutchings Law Group, we excel at helping small and mid-sized business owners navigate legal difficulties. We negotiate deals, draft contracts, respond to agency complaints, defend lawsuits, collect debts, and provide many other essential legal services for our small and mid-sized business clients. We take time to learn the nuances of your business and craft specialized solutions that best address your business needs. We understand that there is a cost-benefit analysis involved when deciding whether to use legal means to solve a problem. Let us assist you. It is better to know the potential cost of dealing with a legal issue and its downside before you take a prospective course of action. And it is far less expensive to have an attorney address legal problems when they arise than to be forced to hire an attorney to clean up a situation after matters have already gone sour.

If you are the owner or manager of a small to mid-sized business with legal questions, contact Hutchings Law Group today to schedule a consultation to discuss your outside general counsel needs.

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