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Healthcare Professionals


Licensed healthcare professionals spend years to acquire the training, knowledge, and expertise to provide their communities with essential healthcare services. Their right to practice their chosen profession after making such investments of time and money should be protected from abuses by civil litigants, licensing agencies, and other government authorities. Yet, doctors and nurses bear an extraordinary amount of liability for circumstances over which they have very little control. Even when they accurately diagnose and treat their patients, they can be sued for medical malpractice, subject to board review by licensing authorities, incur vicarious liability for acts of medical assistants, bear responsibility for improper billing, be excluded from participation in CMS, and face civil or criminal prosecution by state attorneys general or the department of justice. There are very few people that spend more time and resources acquiring training and skills than healthcare professionals. There are very few people that work more hours and take on more risks than healthcare professionals. And, yet, in practice, there is no profession that faces such enormous liability. It is critical that healthcare professionals have legal advocates in their corner to ensure that all they have worked to achieve is protected from overreach by bureaucrats, government employees, chronic malcontents, and rogue employees.

Hutchings Law Group provides legal advice and representation for healthcare professionals and medical practices. This includes working with individual doctors and nurses on licensing issues, responding to inquiries from licensing boards, and appearing in formal agency proceedings. This includes structuring medical practices and third-party relationships to ensure compliance with applicable Stark and anti-kickback laws. This includes structuring the purchase and sale of medical practices to avoid legal violations, to mitigate tax effects, and to address change of ownership issues. We also negotiate and prepare professional services agreements, assist with practice administration, and handle other legal issues that may arise in your medical practice.

At Hutchings Law Group, we work to deal with the complex web of rules that govern healthcare providers so that healthcare providers can do what they do best, practice medicine. If you are a healthcare professional in need of legal counsel, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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