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Corporate Formation & Governance

Basic to the efficient operation of any business enterprise is proper formation and governance. Companies use governing documents such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and bylaws to set up basic relationships to determine the direction and control of their business. Issues these controlling documents address include management and control, distribution of profits, taxation, and dissolution or sale of the business or its assets. Attention to the details of corporate formation and governance are essential to ensure that a business is properly positioned for success and growth.

Hutchings Law Group handles all aspects of corporate governance, from entity formation and drafting governing documents to amendments and dissolution. We have significant experience forming and advising limited liability companies and corporations. We are well positioned to advise you about the best type of business entity for your business needs and we will craft your operating agreement or other governing documents to ensure success.

Owners that make an early effort to properly form and structure their enterprise will prevent future conflict and set their company up for success. Contact Hutchings Law Group if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss corporate formation and governance.

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